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Fun Facts
My name is Anton Bucher, and I am an Assistant Volleyball coach (and teacher) at Braswell High School, Denton ISD. (Previously, I was the Theatre Teacher at Lone Star High School, Frisco ISD for 6 years, and before that, the Theatre Teacher at Pioneer Heritage Middle School for 12 years.) I have been married to my beautiful wife, Christie, for over 20 years, and I have a son- Quint - born in 2007, and a daughter - Keira - born in 2009. We also have four dogs and NO CATS - because dogs are better. AND ... Why the heck is a former Theatre Teacher coaching Volleyball?!? Glad you asked!

In college, I majored in Theatre, but minored in Physical Education, with a Coaching Emphasis. It really is just the same thing, whether directing or coaching: I am trying to get my students to look/sound/perform/play better. I started out Coaching Mens VB when I was doing my student teaching, and my first two teaching jobs (high school level) had me coach Volleyball and Basketball for both Men and Women. I took a break from coaching for a bit, but when my daughter came into my life, and knew volleyball would be a part of hers.

She has been playing Volleyball since her first grade - and I have been her coach the whole time. We just finished 22 seasons over at Fieldhouse USA, and the transition from rec league to club in 2020. I love being a part of the Frisco Flyers!

A little bit more on the coaching - after 18 years of teaching Theatre, AND turning 50 years old last October, I found that I needed a change. As Keira was getting older, I knew I wanted to be able to coach her and her teams to a higher level. So, I chose to go back to my beginnings and pursued a coaching job - which I was able to secure June 27, 2022. Braswell HS, Denton ISD, who just hired Coach of the Year (2017) Kristal Thornton. I am VERY excited to be her assistant and improve my own coaching skills with her.

To round out a little bit more of my Biography - growing up for me was a little different than most: I was born in Southern California to parents who had immigrated from the Netherlands - I am a first generation American. When I was 10 years old, my parents joined Wycliffe Bible Translators, and I became a missionaries kid. I went to high school in Texas (down in Duncanville), in Papua New Guinea, and graduated from high school in Indonesia (1989). I attended Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduated in 1994, and have been teaching for most of that time. There was a 16 month period where I was running a youth sports league, first in California, and then here in the Dallas area - but I had to get back to teaching! I did, and the rest is history!

There is actually a lot more to my - and my family's - story, but I'll save it for the team. I look forward to a great season!

IMPACT, SafeSport, Texas Teacher License - Theatre, Speech, PE, Social Studies, Gold Medal Squared

Coaching Level
1994 - Student Teacher, Ukarumpa HS; PNG - Varsity Men's Volleyball
1999-2001 - Teacher Coach, St. Peter's Lutheran School; Elk Grove, CA - 7/8 Girls Volleyball, Basketball
2001-2002 - Teacher/Coach, Sierra Christian Academy HS; Sacramento, CA - Varsity Women's Volleyball, Basketball
2001, 2002 - Master Coach, NBC Volleyball Camps; Sacramento, CA
2002-2004 - Coordinator, National Youth Sports League - Sacramento, CA and Dallas, TX
2015-2021 - Coach, Fieldhouse USA; Frisco TX - Powerpuff Girls (Grades 1 - 6; 22 Seasons)
2020-Current - Coach, Frisco Flyers; Frisco TX - 2021 - U12 Regional; 2022 - U13 National; Current - U14 Apex, U15 Apex
2022-2023 School Year - Asst. Coach, Braswell HS, Denton ISD

Calvin College, Grand Rapids MI - 1994
BA - Major: Communication Arts and Sciences, Theatre Emphasis; Secondary Education
Minor: Physical Education, Coaching; Academic Study of Religions

Southern Methodist University - 2020-2021
MLS Candidate

Favorite Book
Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card (The whole series, actually)
The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury
(Heck - I just like to read. I have an extensive graphic novel collection (Sandman, Batman, Daredevil are among my favorites), as well as a REAL library in my home, with titles that range from Biographical (Winston Churchill, Michelangelo) to Historical Fiction (Herman Wouk, Ken Follett) to SF and Fantasy. I have over 20 different versions of the Bible, including in Melanesian Pidgin (from my time in Papua), Indonesian (from my HS years), and Dutch (my parent's). I even have a set of 1968 Encyclopedia Britannica's GREAT WORKS series - 45 books from Famous Authors starting with the Greeks. Thanks Dad, for encouraging my reading.)

Mission Statement
Westminster Catechism, Q 1.
What is the chief end of Man?
To glorify God, and enjoy Him forever.

I am a teacher at heart. I LOVE to win - but playing the game with teamwork, and sportsmanship, is much more important. I want the team to feel like they can trust each other, and are safe around each other. Fundamentals FIRST, then we can move up.

Years With Club
FF Satellite:
2020-2021 - U12 Regional

FF Club:
2021-2022 - U13 National
2022-2023 - U14 Apex, U15 Apex