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This includes documents for the use of the website, registrations for USAV (SportsEngine), etc.

North Texas Region - USA Volleyball Membership - SportsEngine
 Parents & Players


  • The link below to purchase a North Texas Region – USA Volleyball membership.
  • This link will ONLY be a membership purchase, it will NOT associate you / your player with a specific club
  • The Frisco Flyers VBC will send a formal invitation through SportsEngine for Club Affiliation.  SportsEngine emails tend to go to Spam & Junk Folders so do check those for your invitation.
 Step 1: Purchase Your North Texas Region - USA Volleyball Membership - Click Here


  • Indoor Junior AthletesAn indoor junior athlete is an athlete that is 18 and under. There are several different memberships for indoor juniors. SportsEngine will decide which membership is best for your athlete based on age.
  • SAFESPORT (for players 18 and over) - All USAV participants 18 and over are required to be SafeSport trained. If you require SafeSport training, the system will send you a link via e-mail to complete the training. 
  • CODE OF CONDUCT - This agreement will be signed as part of your membership purchase in SportsEngine.

 Step 2: CLUB AFFILIATION - Frisco Flyers VBC will send a link from SportsEngine to accept the club assignment. 

   **Please check spam or junk folders.  If not received please email**


  • The link you will receive via email will direct you to purchase a 2023-2024 membership & will be assigned to your athlete’s particular club.
  • A parent / guardian must purchase a membership for a minor athlete. Make sure you follow the directions accordingly.
  • If the system asks for “YOUR” information, they are asking for the parent / guardian information.
  Where do I find my USAV Number once registered?  Log in and go to player details.