USA Skills & Performance Training Camp 2.0

What is the USA Skills & Performance Camp 2.0

Tired of senseless and non progressive training methods? The the FLYERS USA Skills & Performance Camp is designed to take players transitioning from our with proven principles of training, data to back up effective methods, and is intended to accelerate an athletes ability to acquire and retain these key components to a well rounded Volleyball athlete listed below...

  • Skill development
  • Game Play IQ
  • Overall Athletic Performance

Why is this program beneficial to your athlete?

Each athlete will be trained under Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training System for Game and Skill Development.A Performance program designed to build the athletes from the ground up using methods designed to protect, strengthen, and increase power for todays volleyball athletes.

Who is this program for?

Players from the following
  • Current club experience players 
  • Players transitioning out of Future Flyers and wanting to prep for Club level play
  • Players transitioning from Recreation and Competitive ball wanting to prep for Club level

Why building athletes from the ground up in Skills and athleticism is crucial today?

These 3 components are extremely valuable for Athletes to identify and understand where their Skill Level and Athleticism 

is.  The Physical Demands of the game are increasing every season as players are 

  • Jumping Higher
  • Hitting Harder
  • Moving Faster
  • Getting much Stronger

Therefore, training for Skill, Game play, and Athleticism all have to be addressed and cannot be overlooked.

Below is a  Formula of how the program is designed.  Theses are the Pillars we believe accelerate our growth and development for each athlete.

Times & Days for Training

Class 1: 4:30-6pm

  • Monday: Serving & Serve Receive Passing  + Game play + Speed Strength
  • Tuesday: Hitting & Defense + Game play + Plyometric Strength
  • Wednesday: All skills + Game play + Speed Strength

Skill level is based on experience of the athlete that has played

  • Recreation, Competitive, and Club. Players will be divided into the appropriate group. Movement is determined by the criteria below.
  • Overall game play
  • Athletes will be moved according to number of years of experience, efficiency, accuracy and overall game play
  • Serving -  Able or not to serve from 30ft (end line)
  • Passing - Able to pass towards the passing target (3-5 ft off the net, middle of the court)
  • Hitting - Understanding of specific footwork patterns and can hit effectively into the court
  • Setting - Able to set hittable balls

Summer Weeks of Training


Week 1 - 3, 4, 5\

Week 2 - 10, 11, 12

Week 3 - 17, 18, 19

Week 4 - 24, 25, 26


Week 5 - 8, 9, 10

Week 6 - 15, 16, 17

Week 7 - 22, 23, 24

Week 8 - 29, 30, 31


Week 9 - 5, 6, 7

Week 10 - 12, 13, 14

Week 11 - 19, 20, 21

Week 12 - 26, 27, 28

Cost for Training & Registration

Contact Information

Coach Carl Aquino, FF Skills & Performance Training Director 

Contact Coach directly follow instructions below

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