Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club Volleyball is an junior volleyball club sanctioned through USA Volleyball and the North Texas Region. The Flyers are intent on competing with the top volleyball programs in the country. We will focus on training our athletes to do just that. Our unique training methods, strength and conditioning, individual position training and attention to detail are what will allow us to have success in the North Texas Region.

Our focus is on training each individual player to reach her potential. Every athlete is different and will require training that fits her needs... not those of the programs.

We feel that the great deal of exposure and competition we offer will give our athletes a wonderful opportunity to continue their volleyball careers at the collegiate level.

CLUB TEAM LEVELS - see more detailed team descriptions and cost info.

  • APX (ELITE LEVEL) - Top teams that travel and play in 3 National Qualifiers and other Elite level tournaments across the nation.
  • NATIONAL - Travel to 1-2 National Qualifiers and competitive tournaments within Texas
  • REGIONAL - Competitive teams that play within DFW
  • PREP - Experienced teams focused on development and growth for younger players
  • METRO - Players that are starting their club experience or may have other extra-curricular commitments that allow them only one practice per week


Metro and Prep teams will be formed on Metro/Prep Placement Day on TBA. Go to the Metro/Prep & Satellite teams page for more info.