Julie Paulson

Contact Information

 Cell: (972) 415-1842

 Email: jpaulson@ffvbc.com

Fun Facts
I grew up here in Texas but moved to Washington where my love and passion for volleyball began. I played 6 years of club and school volleyball until suffering an injury my senior year while playing in a districts game, ultimately forcing me to give up my chance to play in college. Unable to give up my passion for the sport, I began my journey in coaching. I coached at Cedarcrest High School for 2 years, first as the Freshman coach, then Junior Varsity and Assistant Varsity coach. I also coached two years of club in Duvall, Washington.

I then decided to take some time away from coaching where I got married, moved to Texas, and graduated from the University of North Texas. Soon after graduation my husband and I decided to start a family. I have been married for 16 years now and have 3 kids. My two daughters inherited the love of the game and now both participate in club volleyball.

As a coach I love the opportunity I am given to have a positive impact on each athlete on and off the court, teaching them the skills they need to help them be successful players as well as respectful teammates. I believe in hard work, but it is also important to have fun while doing it!

Coaching Accomplishments

LoneStar Volleyball Club, Assistant Coach 12 Red (2018/2019)
Qualified for GJNC in National division
Qualified for GJNC at MEQ, 2nd Place National Division
Qualified for GJNC at PNQ, 3rd Place National Division
Qualified for GJNC at North Texas Regionals, 2nd Place American Division

LoneStar Volleyball Club, Head Coach, 11 Red (2017/2018)
GJNC / placed 11th in the National division
Qualified at NTR Regionals / placed 1st in the National division
ShowMe Qualifier / placed 3rd in the National division
Lone Star Classic / placed 2nd in the National division

LoneStar Volleyball Club, Assistant Coach 12 Endless Pursuit (2015/2016)
GJNC/ finishes 11th overall in National Division
Lone Star Classic / placed 2nd in the National division
Big South Qualifier / placed 3rd
Mid East Qualifier / placed 1st and earned a National bid to GJNC

USA Volleyball IMPACT, Gold Medal Squared

Degree: University of North Texas, Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences