Anette Castillo

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Fun Facts
Coach Anette will be going on her 2nd season with Frisco Flyers. Their family moved from Southern California in 2016 to Texas. She has been coaching youth volleyball for 5 years and continues to volunteer and coach at the local recreational leagues.

As a coach Anette’s focus is on teaching proper form and technique and increasing each player’s volleyball IQ including court awareness. She believes in skill progression and instilling good habits through repetition. She encourages her players to be well-rounded players.

Her goal is to fuel each player’s love of the game and make sure each family has a fun and exciting season. She focuses on making sure that each player ends their season as a better skilled and more knowledgeable player.

Anette and her husband Daniel are both coaches with Frisco Flyers and you will almost always find them together. They have one daughter and are a tight knit family. Both Anette and Daniel like to follow the volleyball careers of all past players and stay in touch.

During the day, she has a demanding job as a Client Engagement Manager for cosmetics retail merchandising.

She looks forward to the upcoming season, getting to know new players and creating new memories.

Gold Medal Squared, SafeSport, IMPACT