Orison Perez

Contact Information

 Email: operez@ffvbc.com

Fun Facts
My name is Orison Perez, but please call me ''Coach O''. I grew up in Puerto Rico where I developed a passion for sports. I found volleyball in elementary school and it was love at first spike. I played up to college years until I joined the US Navy, then got married to my wife of 16 years and had 4 children.

I coach seasonal sports and this is my first year at Frisco Flyers. My goal is to foster the physical and mental development of each player, to help them find their strengths inside the court, to encourage athletic discipline, personal accountability and willingness to grow their skills. My goal is that they will experience all of the above in a positive way so they can carry those to their future Volleyball career and personal lives. I desire for all players to feel joyful and accomplished as they bring their families and community together to celebrate the sport of Volleyball.

Gold Medal Squared