Matthew Aquino

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In my 16th year, I focus on developing the younger talent to prepare them for the potential to play in college properly. Having been part of teams that have achieved two Gold medals at the 16 and 17 age groups in the Top Open Division and an additional three Silver medal finishes in the 14s and 15s makes me hungrier to develop kids at a much earlier age. My passion is to encourage kids to get better by being honest with them about where their skills are currently at, along with teaching them the focused principles taught by Gold Medal Square and finally getting them to fall in love with the process of getting better rather than the team they play on. Lastly, being a top team player takes grit and a growth mindset, which all come from intentionally struggling early on to achieve long-term results.

Coached at the following clubs
- Saddleback Volleyball Club
- Orange County volleyball Club
- Seal Beach Volleyball Club
- Sunshine Volleyball Club
- Strength Coach at Irvine Valley College
- Strength Coach at Body Dynamix

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