What is Flyers Skills and Performance Training

Flyers Skills and Performance Training is a year round program that enhances todays aspiring Volleyball players to learn the game in an accelerated pace and allow them opportunity to compete at their next level.

Skills Development

We believe that "The Game, Teaches The Brain" by implementing Human Motor Learning Principles, actual proven Scientific Data on how athletes learn the fastest and retain information.  We use Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training Principles, Methods, and Data which has been proven to work with thousands of teams on every level across the country.  To learn more about Gold Medal Squared click here ----> GMS

We believe that there are no "little things" because we aim to master the fundamental skills by performing them in the most efficient movement patterns.  We aim to achieve the most simplest and effective movement patterns that can be repeated while creating the best results according to what the game of volleyball has been shown over the last several decades.

Performance Training

As we know many athletes today discover too late the importance of Strength Training, Speed & Power Development.  All the while, you see a variety of training methods that have either been proven to work timelessly or have not because of no clear process on what the program is designed to do.

We aim to keep it simple... Get Stronger, Move faster, Player better.  Strength is not an option. It's a requirement. Speed is not an option. It's a requirement.  The 2 modalities have to exist in order to create Power.  The formula for power is 

Strength x Speed = Power

We address both in a simple manner that will help todays Volleyball player make progressive improvement over a long period of time.  We don't believe that a successful training regimen is achieved in you first 12 weeks. For many, it's only the beginning and there is continuous growth needed throughout a Volleyball players career.

Important Information