2018 Beach Teams - Session 1
Beach tournaments will be coordinated and scheduled by the Beach Director, Coach Shawn Shannon.The Team is responsible for deciding if they want to play in a tournament each week. Please use the 'REGISTER NOW' below with your team tournament request before the indicated deadline below. We will be handling registration for the 1st two weeks first. Please have one parent from each team handle the request. It is usually the 'PLAYER1' or name of the player that is registered as the TEAM NAME.

Question: Are the beach tournament fees included in the Flyers Beach Program?
Answer:   Yes, each team can compete in ONE beach tournament per week which is included in the Flyers Beach Program cost that you have already paid.

Question: Are coaches able to coach players during 2s & 4s Tournaments?
Answer:   Actually no. During beach tournaments coaches are not able to instruct players. This is true for all levels of beach competition.


Practice Times: (Every Week)
Monday & Wednesday - 4:30-6:00PM

Tournament Days: (This Week)
2v2 Tournament - 06/11/18 @ 6:30PM - Mondays
4v4 Tournament - 06/13/18 @ 6:30PM - Wednesdays

Practice & Tournament Facility: The Beach at Craig Ranch - 6145 Alma Rd, McKinney, TX 75070

Request Deadline for Tournaments:
2-Player Team(s) - Sunday - 12PM - *must be in so we can give to the beach facility!

4-Player Team(s) - Tuesday - 12PM - *must be in so we can give to the beach facility!

Weather & Facility Status:
Click Here - Link to weather status at the facility. On the home page. Updates are usually by mid-day.

Beach or Additonal Request:
Click Here to email any questions about beach or additonal request and we can assist.

UPDATED 06/11/18 at 7:14AM

Week 6 - LAST WEEK - Normal Training Monday & Wednesday

Be sure to get your request in for Monday 2s and Wednesday 4s

Hydrate!! It is getting very hot at beach so be sure to keep hydrated!

Weather Update: All OK. always check facility link above.

2-Player Teams
Flyers - 11s - Johnson (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Riley Johnson - Paid Kate Humbarger - Paid ??
Flyers - 12s - McCoy (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Ryan McCoy - Paid Kinley Hammons - Paid ??
Flyers - 12s - Busbee (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Eleanor Busbee - Paid Emma Dibiaso - Paid Yes
Flyers - 12s - Entes (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Emily Entes - Paid Cheyanne Brundidge - Paid Yes
Flyers - 12s - Baker (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Brynn Baker - Paid Wilson - Paid Yes
Flyers - 13s - Arthur (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Kaitlyn Arthur - Paid Ava Cannatelli - Paid ??
Flyers - 13s - Davis (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Savannah Davis - Paid Reagan Garcia - Paid ??
Flyers - 13s - Cacurak (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Emma  Cacurak - Paid Ella Nowlin - Paid ??
Flyers - 13s - Kearney (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Annalise Kearney - Paid Alexandra Kearney - Paid Yes
Flyers - 14s - Hoff (2s-ALLPAID) 14s Elysia Kanell - Paid Macy Hoff - Paid Yes
Flyers - 14s - Smith (2s-ALLPAID) 14s McKenna Smith - Paid Ashley Deckert - Paid ??
Flyers - 14s - Holingsworth (2s-ALLPAID) 14s Olivia Hollingsworth - Paid Hamilton Greene - Paid Yes
Flyers - 15s - Rumsey (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Madison Rumsey - Paid Kacye Bolle - Paid Yes
Flyers - 15s - Lein (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Peyton  Lein - Paid Sarah Floyd - Paid ??
Flyers - 15s - Morgan (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Ashley Morgan - Paid Player 2 - Paid Yes
Flyers - 15s - Jones (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Jenna Jones - Paid Stella Vrab - Paid Yes
Flyers - 15s - Kroll (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Charlotte  Kroll - Paid Morgan Dannels - Paid ??
Flyers - 16s/17s - Gillespy (2s-ALLPAID) 16s-17s Kaileigh Gillespy - Paid Gabriella Borsetto - Paid Yes
4-Player Teams
Flyers - 11s - Olson (4s-ALLPAID) 11s Hayden Olson - Paid Madison Victoriano - Paid Stasia Brown - Paid Rafaela Kirsten - Paid Lyla Fisher - Paid Yes
Flyers - 12s - Doan (4s-ALLPAID) 12s Kara Doan - Paid Grace Irwin - Paid Makena Ondreyka - Paid Malia Ondreyka - Paid Ashley Woodrum - Paid Yes
Flyers - 13s - Fitzgerald (4s-ALLPAID) 13s Kellen Fitzgerald - Paid Reagan Bedell - Paid Kennedy Smith - Paid Finley Eidem - Paid Hannah Jackson - Paid Yes
Flyers - 13s - Hazlewood (4s-ALLPAID) 13s Corey Hazlewood - Paid Lily Koehn - Paid Reagan Friesland - Paid Alex Trotter - Paid Yes
Flyers - 13s - Roddy (4s-ALLPAID) 13s Brooke Roddy - Paid Landry Ellsworth - Paid Scout Ozawa - Paid Georgia Murphy - Paid Lily Maciula - Paid ??
Flyers - 13s - Walls (4s-ALLPAID) 13s Catherine Walls - Paid Jennifer Mauzey - Paid Allie Nelson - Paid Elle Battaglia - Paid ??
Flyers - 14s - Dickson (4s-NEEDPLAYER) 14s Piper Dickson - Paid Grace Barbieri - Paid NEEDS PLAYER Jordan Russo - Paid ??
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