2017 Beach Teams - Session 1
Beach tournaments will be coordinated and scheduled by the Beach Director, Coach Patty & Coach Shawn Shannon.The Team is responsible for deciding if they want to play in a tournament each week. Please use the 'REGISTER NOW' below with your team tournament request before the indicated deadline below. We will be handling registration for the 1st two weeks first. Please have one parent from each team handle the request. It is usually the 'PLAYER1' or name of the player that is registered as the TEAM NAME.

Question: Are the beach tournament fees included in the Flyers Beach Program?
Answer:   Yes, each team can compete in one beach tournament per week which is included in the Flyers Beach Program cost that you have already paid.

Question: Are coaches able to coach players during 2s & 4s Tournaments?
Answer:   Actually no. During beach tournaments coaches are not able to instruct players. This is true for all levels of beach competition.


Practice Times: (Every Week)
Monday & Wednesday - 4:30-6:00PM

Tournament Days: (This Week)
2v2 Tournament - 6/12/17 @ 6:30PM - Mondays
4v4 Tournament - 6/14/17 @ 6:30PM - Wednesdays

Practice & Tournament Facility: The Beach at Craig Ranch - 6145 Alma Rd, McKinney, TX 75070

Request Deadline for Tournaments:
2-Player Team(s) - Sunday - 12PM - *must be in so we can give to the beach facility!

4-Player Team(s) - Tuesday - 12PM - *must be in so we can give to the beach facility!

Weather & Facility Status:
Click Here - Link to weather status at the facility. On the home page. Updates are usually by mid-day.

Beach or Additonal Request:
Click Here to email any questions about beach or additonal request and we can assist.

UPDATED 06/14/17 at 2:04PM

This is our LAST WEEK of Beach Training! Thank you for a great Beach Season!!

Be sure to get your request in for Monday 2s and Wednesday 4s

Weather Update: All OK. always check facility link above.

2-Player Teams
Flyers 11s - Starman (2s) 11s Ivory Starman Madison Baker
Flyers 11s - Nalley (2s) 11s Brooke Nalley Avery Johnston
Flyers 12 - Rubis (2s) 12s Hannah Redrow Hanna Rubis
Flyers 13s - Schroder (4s) 13s Halle Shroder Reese Littleton
Flyers 13s - Kearney (2s) 13s Annalise Kearney Alexandra Kearney Yes
Beach Babies 13s Riley Pond Allison Hall
Flyers 14s - Power (2s) 14s Caroline  Power Payton Tarr
Flyers 14s - Schmitt 14s Addison Schmitt Hailey Liske
Flyers 14s - Kula(2s) 14s Nicole Kula Mary Fuller
Flyers 14s - Hegwood 14s Jordan Hegwood Natalie Wade Yes
4-Player Teams
Beach Bombs 10s Avery Jerabek Lexi Anderson Kaytlin Walters Sophie Bridges Yes
Flyers 11s - Wilson (4s) 11s Marissa  Wilson Julianna Jordan Kennedy Henrich Kayla Adams Brynn Baker Yes
Flyers 12s - Fitzgerald (4s) 12s Kellen Fitzgerald Kennedy Smith Hannah Jackson Reagan Bedell Brook Berry Yes
Flyers 12s - Parrott (4s) 12s Kaitlyn Parrott Jordyn Brunett Madeleine Strock Jayden Veader Yes
Flyers 12s - Robinson/Busbee (4s) 12s Elie Robinson Amanda Rackley Keira Kleposki Madison Lee Eleanor Busbee Yes
Flyers 12s - Sprigg (4s) 12s Kamryn Sprigg Hannah Hertweck Sherry Hu Kaitlyn Walters
Flyers 12s - Stephens (4s) 12s Hannah Stephens Savannah Yager Charlotte Walley MJ McCurdy Landry Long/Aubrey Lambert
Flyers 12s - Wonder Women (4s) 12s Eleanor Busbee Emily Alexander Julia Whatley Yes
Flyers 13s - Hamrick (4s) 13s Chloe  Hamrick Bailey Miller Lauryn Hill Sandra Hill
Flyers 13s - Henry (4s) 13s Adilynn Henry Taylor McGee Annabelle Busbee Halle Williamson Yes
Flyers 13s - Perkins (4s) 13s Maci Perkins Cassidy Narangi Melanie Mora Hayden McRaney Yes
Flyers 13s - Post (4s) 13s Parker Post Megan Diercks Grace Miliken Jillian Bowles Yes
Flyers 13s - Russo (4s) 13s Jordan Russo Emily Rensi Gracie Barbieri Emma Camden Katie Cones Yes
Flyers 13s - Schooler 13s Ashley Schooler Brooke Mayden Yes
Flyers 13s Gamber (4s) 13s Zabrina Fernandez Malena Wiedemann Ella Gamber Yes
Flyers 14s - Liske (4s) - 14s Hailey  Liske Emily Fitzpatrick Addison Schmitt Catherine Yates Isabella Bose
Flyers 14s - Tanguay(4s) 14s Londyn Tanguay Cianna Cesare Christina Romero
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