2019 Beach Teams - Session 1
Welcome to Frisco Flyers Beach Program!

The beach training programs will be coordinated and scheduled by the Beach Director & Coach Shawn Shannon.The Team is responsible for deciding if they want to play in a tournament each week. Please use the 'REGISTER NOW' below with your team tournament request before the indicated deadline below. We will be handling registration for the 1st two weeks first. Please have one parent from each team handle the request. It is usually the 'PLAYER1' or name of the player that is registered as the TEAM NAME.

Question: Are the beach tournament fees included in the Flyers Beach Program?
Answer:   Yes, each team can compete in ONE beach tournament per week which is included in the Flyers Beach Program cost that you have already paid.

Question: Are coaches able to coach players during 2s & 4s Tournaments?
Answer:   Actually no. During beach tournaments coaches are not able to instruct players. This is true for all levels of beach competition.


Practice Times: (Every Week)
Monday & Wednesday - 4:30-6:00PM

Tournament Days: (This Week)
2v2 Tournament - 06/10/19 @ 6:30PM - Mondays
4v4 Tournament - 06/12/19 @ 6:30PM - Wednesdays

Practice & Tournament Facility: The Beach at Craig Ranch - 6145 Alma Rd, McKinney, TX 75070

Request Deadline for Tournaments:
2-Player Team(s) - Sunday - 12PM - *must be in so we can give to the beach facility!

4-Player Team(s) - Tuesday - 12PM - *must be in so we can give to the beach facility!

Weather & Facility Status:
Click Here - Link to weather status at the facility. On the home page. Updates are usually by mid-day.

Beach or Additonal Request:
Click Here to email any questions about beach or additonal request and we can assist.

UPDATED WEEK 6: Game On! at 6/11/19 11:30PM

Beach Updates: text @FFVBCBeach to 81010

2-Player Teams
Flyers - 10s - Robinson (2s-ALLPAID) 10s Olivia Pavelka - Paid Olivia Robinson - Paid Yes
Flyers - 11s - Lam (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Elyse Lam - Paid Molly Crowder - Paid ??
Flyers - 11s - Burgess (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Brynli Burgess - Paid Kaylie Davis - Paid Yes
Flyers - 11s - Cavin (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Charlotte Cavin - Paid Chloe Kim - Paid Yes
Flyers - 11s - Clark 11s Nicole Clark OUTSIDE PLAYER (Xenia Stavrou) Yes
Flyers - 11s - Novicke (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Tatum Novicke - Paid Peyton Novicke - Paid ??
Flyers - 11s - LaGrone (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Maddie LaGrone - Paid McKenzie Rogers - Paid ??
Flyers - 11s - Jaynes (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Harper Jaynes - Paid Maddie Parrott - Paid ??
Flyers - 11s - Rogers (2s-ALLPAID) 11s Jacey Rogers - Paid Abby Parkinson - Paid ??
Flyers - 12s - Watson (2s ALL PAID) 12s Alli Watson Logan Burns Yes
Flyers - 12s - Haydon 12s Abby Haydon Reese Thornton ??
Flyers - 12s - Lewis (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Addyson Lewis - Paid Adyson Gaddis - Paid Yes
Flyers - 12s - Hit List (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Reagan Wiss - Paid Kate Peabody - Paid Yes
Flyers - 12s - Fisher (2s-ALLPAID) 12s Lyla Fisher - Paid Lexi Robertson - Paid Yes
Flyers - 13s - Harper 13s Delanna Harper** Blake Leydig ??
Flyers - 13s - Rackley 13s Meredeth Rackley Megan Wiatt ??
Flyers - 13s - Ketter (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Amaya Ketter - Paid Katherine Jones Yes
Flyers - 13s - Baker (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Libby Baker - Paid Taylor Clark - Paid ??
Flyers - 13s - Inman (2's ALLPAID) 13s Kennedi Inman Emily Entes - needs partner for 6/10 Yes
Flyers - 13s - Emery (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Taylor Emery - Paid Delanna Harper - Paid Yes
Flyers - 13s - Jantzen (2s-ALLPAID) 13s Jacquilyn Jantzen - Paid Riley Vogel - Paid Yes
Flyers - 14s - Gaddis 14 Caydance Gaddis Sommer Hicks Yes
Flyers - 14s - Evans (2's ALLPAID) 14 Hannah Evans Taylor Mclwain ??
Flyers - 14s - Witham (2s-PAID) 14s Grace Witham - Paid Maddie Strock - Paid Yes
Finley - 14s - Eidem 14s Finley Eidem** OUTSIDE PLAYER (Allie Jacob) PAYBEACH
Flyers - 14s - Bustillos (2s-ALLPAID) 14s Emily Bustillos - Paid Finley Eidem - Paid Yes
Flyers - 14s - Jones (2s-ALLPAID) 14s Jessica Jones - Paid Laura Summers - Paid Yes
Flyers - 14s - Hellman (2s-ALLPAID) 14s Abigail Hellman - Paid Tatum Fleitman - Paid Yes
Flyers - 14s - Woodrum (2s-ALLPAID) 14s Ashley Woodrum - Paid Lily Strait - Paid Yes
Flyers - 15 - Bridges 15 Katerina Bridges - Paid Sadie Blue - Paid ??
Flyers - 15s/16s - Nowlin (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Ella Nowlin - Paid Daleerae Mottahedeh - Paid Yes
Flyers - 15s Fitzgerald (2s ALLPAID) 15s Kellen Fitzgerald - Paid Sarah Floyd - Paid ??
Flyers - 15s - Kearney (2s-ALLPAID) 15s Annalise Kearney - Paid Alexandra Kearney - Paid Yes
Flyers - 16s/17s - Fleitman (2s-ALLPAID) 16s-17s Kylee Fleitman - Paid Rachel Metzler - Paid Yes
4-Player Teams
Flyers - 11s - Barnes 11s Jayci Barnes Dakota Richard Jaelyn Porter Sydney Howard Yes
Flyers - 11s - Novicke 11s Peyton Novicke** Tatum Novicke** Maddie Parrott** Harper Jaynes Yes
Flyers - 11s - Werner 11s Aylin Werner Logan Burns** Nicole Clark** Azadee Mottahedeh Yes
Flyers - 12s - Peabody 12 McKenzie Rogers** Maddie Lagrone** Kate Peabody** Reagan Wiss** Yes
Flyers 12s - Watson 12s Rafaela Kerston Alli Watson** Lexi Robertson** Lyla Fisher** ??
Flyers - 13s - Dalton 13s Kate Dalton Amaya Ketter** Katherine Jones** Marisa Gallardo ??
Flyers - 13s - Harper 13s Delanna Harper** Blake Leydig** Taylor Clark** Libby Baker** Yes
Flyers - 13s - Rackley 13s Meredith Rackley** Megan Wiatt** Jacquilyn Jantzen** Riley Vogel** ??
Flyers - 14 - Nowlin 14s Emma Hurst Ella Nowlin** Emma Caruack Hanna Rubis OUTSIDE PLAYER (Corey Hazlewood) PAYBEACH
Flyers - 14s - Kennon 14s Jena Kennon Danielle Smith Lainey Patton Tiffany Lam Yes
Flyers - 14s - McIllwain 14s Taylor McIllwain** Hannah Evans** Skye Howard Lauren Peterson Yes
Flyers - 14s - Young 14s Cate Young Sadie Johnson Sommer Hicks** Ella Duffy Caydance Gaddis** Yes
Flyers - 16s - Hellman 16s Abigail Hellman** Tatum Fleitman** Rachel Metzler** Kylee Fleitman** Yes
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