2018-2019 USA Nationally Qualified
13 Teams (Update 5/9/19)

  11 ROX-ALEX DBL Qualifies ~ National
  12 ROX-BILL Qualifies ~ American
  12 ROX-GI Qualifies ~ American
  12 ROX-MATT Qualifies ~ American
  13 ROX-BILL TRIPLE Qualifies ~ OPEN
  13 ROX-MATT Qualifies ~ American
  13 ROX-DAVID Qualifies ~ American
  14 ROX-SHAWN DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  14 ROX-JOHN DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  16 ROX-G DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  16 ROX-ED Qualifies ~ American
  17 ROX-ANTHONY Qualifies ~ USA
  18 ROX-G Qualifies ~ National
2018-2019 AAU Nationally Qualified
3 Teams Win 1st @ AAU Tourney
(Update 4/10/19)

  12 ROX-Gi Quals for Orlando - 1st!!
  13 ROX-CINDY Quals for Orlando - 1st!!
  15 ROX-JOHN Quals for Orlando - 1st!!

2017-2018 USA Nationally Qualified
9 Teams

  11 ROX-ALEX Qualifies at MEQ - 1st!!
  12 ROX-MATT Qualifies at MEQ - 1st!!
  12 ROX-BILL Qualifies at XRoads - 1st!!
  12 ROX-BILL Double Quals at LSC - 1st!!
  13 ROX-BILL Qualifies at Chicago - 2nd!!
  13 Rox-Gi (2nd) Quals at NTR Bid - 2nd!!
  14 ROX-SHAWN Qualifies in NEQ - 3rd!!
  15 ROX-ANTHONY Quals at XRoads - 3rd!!
  15 ROX-ANTHONY Dble Qul at LSC - 1st!!
  15 Rox-JASON Quals at NTR Bid!!
  17 ROX-G Qualifies at NL - 3rd!!
2017 USA Nationally Qualified Teams
  12 ROX Qualifies!!
  13 ROX-BILL Qualifies at Lonestar - 1st!!
  14 ROX-BILL Qualifies in Colorado!!
  14 ROX-JASON Qualifies!!
  15 ROX-SHAWN Qualifies at Lonestar!!
Thank you to all the Beach Players & Coaches this Summer Session!!
100+ players!
2016 USA Nationally Qualified Teams
13 Rox-Bill - 1st (National Champions)
12 Rox-Bill - 2nd (Runner-Up)
15 Rox-Jason - Gold - 5th
14 Rox-Jason - USA - TOP 20
14 Rox - OPEN - TOP 40
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Jason Rogers - &
Club Mission & Philosophy

The Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club was created to offer an opportunity for young athletes to compete at the highest level in the North Texas Region. It was established to help athletescreate the confidence needed to become great leaders in their current and future endeavors. Athletics is a core part of creating confidence and self-esteem. The club will also serve as a communication point for college level playing opportunities and will assist all members in pursuing collegiate level contacts for potential scholoarships.

Coaching Philosopy

Coach Rogers believes that with the proper fundamentals any athlete can be progressed and developed. Playing and coaching American Football (collegiate), Rugby (USA), and Volleyball (Tournament/Beach two-man) for the past 30 years. He has learned that motivation of athletic achievement is something that is greatly overlooked. The mechanics are in every youth player and it is the job of the coachto determine the most beneficial drills and base fundamental work that will allow the athlete to continue to progress to excellence.

Coaching Background

Coach Rogers has coached every age division and every level of volleyball in the North Texas Region. He succefully lead his teams to back to back National Qualifying seasons. Coach Rogersís teams were ranked in the top 30 in the nation for the last two years. He continues to strive to build, develop and coach young athletes instilling the desire to achieve.

Personal Background

Coach Rogers was born and raised in Dallas, TX. He spent his entire sports career as a motivator, player and coach at the highest levels. He has a wife and three girls. The family are avid volleyball players and he turned his attention toward using his background in athletics and personal motivation to coach youth volleyball in 2008. Jason has over 30 years of combined coachingand playing experience in different sports disciplines. He is a resident of Frisco, Texas for the last 10 years and has been coachingyouth athletics for 10+ years. Being a USA Level Rugby player and a collegiate level football player he knows the commitment it takes for an athlete to succeed.



Club Goals

The Flyers will compete in the 2016-2017 North Texas Regional Club Season with around 30-35 teams. We have grown in the last 6 years from one club team to 26 club teams last season. We had 3 qualify for Nationals last season with our 13N Red, 14N Red & 18N Red qualifying in Nationals in New Orleans. We project that the club will have a club level team in every age division this next season. We are expanding our practicing locations in 2016-2017 and have hired 8 new coaches and are working to hire more. 

We are very excited and committed to hiring the highest level coaches to ensure we build the best club in the region.

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