2018-2019 USA Nationally Qualified
13 Teams (Update 7/13/19)

  11 ROX-ALEX - 1st (National Champions)
  12 ROX-BILL Qualifies ~ American
  12 ROX-GI Qualifies ~ American
  12 ROX-MATT Qualifies ~ American
  13 ROX-BILL TRIPLE Qualifies ~ OPEN
  13 ROX-MATT Qualifies ~ American
  13 ROX-DAVID Qualifies ~ American
  14 ROX-SHAWN DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  14 ROX-JOHN DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  16 ROX-G DBL Qualifies ~ USA
  16 ROX-ED Qualifies ~ American
  17 ROX-ANTHONY Qualifies ~ USA
  18 ROX-G Qualifies ~ National
2018-2019 AAU Nationally Qualified
3 Teams Win 1st @ AAU Tourney
(Update 4/10/19)

  12 ROX-Gi Quals for Orlando - 1st!!
  13 ROX-CINDY Quals for Orlando - 1st!!
  15 ROX-JOHN Quals for Orlando - 1st!!

Thank you to all the Beach Players & Coaches this Summer Session!!
100+ players!
2017-2018 USA Nationally Qualified
9 Teams

2016-2017 USA Nationally Qualified (5)
2015-2016 USA Nationally Qualified (5)
13 Rox-Bill - 1st (National Champions)
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club information

Program Info | Our Facility | Competition | Strength Training | Practices

The director and staff of the Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club would like to offer a warm welcome to those families considering our club for the upcoming 2015-2016 season! 

Welcome to new families that are looking to join Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club for the first time. We hope you will feel comfortable joining a club that focuses on family as much as we do at the Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club! We hope that you enjoy our website, which is designed to give all the information you need about the Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club to check us out, as well as the logistics of tryouts and pertinent information on how to make contact with us if you have additional questions for us.

There are 5 key ingredients to a successful club volleyball organization. They are coaching, competition, facility, infrastructure and customer service. Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club has a simple strategy this season and every season that states, "Each year the Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club will provide more value to the families (parents & players) than the year before." Driven by these 5 key ingredients this is where we plan to add value to our families.

Jason Rogers
Club Director & Head Coach
Program Information

Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club Volleyball is an junior volleyball club sanctioned through USA Volleyball and the North Texas Region. The Flyers are intent on competing with the top volleyball programs in the country. We will focus on training our athletes to do just that. Our unique training methods, strength and conditioning, individual position training and attention to detail are what will allow us to have success in the North Texas Region.

Our focus is on training each individual player to reach her potential. Every athlete is different and will require training that fits her needs... not those of the programs.

We feel that the great deal of exposure and competition we offer will give our athletes a wonderful opportunity to continue their volleyball careers at the collegiate level.

FISD (*expansion for 2014-2015) & Fieldhouse Sports Center

Team Capacity: 32 Teams

The Flyers utilize the local FISD campuses as it affords our club the ability to train more teams during the same training times.

NEWS - 09/10/14 - Flyers expand to 2nd location in Southeast Frisco to give the Flyers an additonal facility to train all of the teams. We have now have gyms in Northwest Frisco - Griffin MS (click here) & Southwest Frisco - Vandeventer MS (Click Here).

The Fieldhouse Sports Center is a state-of-the-art volleyball complex located in Frisco, Texas. The beautiful 12 court facility opened its doors in 2008 and serves as Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club's training facility.

We also utilize the gymnasiums from the local FISD campuses as it affords our club the ability to train more teams during the same training times.
Tournaments & Competition

The Frisco Flyers Volleyball Club staff works extremely hard each season to find the right blend of competition, convenience and cost when putting together the tournament schedule.  
For 2014-2015, we will continue to grow and our National Bid last season was another great achievement. We anticipate that our Club will continue to grow in the number of  success stories that our teams have, and more importantly that our players as individuals have.

Strength & Conditioning Training

Our program consists of plyo-metric training and core strength development using techniques that will help the athletes respond to the level of competition that club requires.

Practices & Training

All practices will be held at the Fieldhouse or FISD schools in Frisco. In addition to practice location, here are some features of the Flyers practice and training regiment:

Please refer to our Team Descriptions & Costs page for a complete list of the team descriptions, uniform packages and costs.  Team Descriptions & Costs

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